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Uniform Services

Studies suggest that more than 75% of potential customers can recall seeing an advertiser's name on a promotional product or uniform.  Shouldn't your company name be the first that pops into someone's mind when thinking about hiring a new contractor? 

Big Bear specializes in professional embroidery and fulfillment services for residential and commercial contractors.  Outfit your entire workforce - from operations managers and sales people to dispatchers and technicians - with personalized work gear that represents your company's commitment to quality and professionalism.  Our experienced team will make sure that your staff always looks its best and that the brand you've spent so much time building is well represented, whether your employees are in your offices or out in the field.

We're pleased to offer fast turn-around times and no-additional-cost extras like garment steaming, folding, size-stickering, and poly-bagging that ensure your uniforms arrive at your office or warehouse in pristine, professional condition!

Not sure where to begin?  Just contact our friendly sales team and we'll be glad to help!