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Corporate Fulfillment Programs

According to industry research, most Fulfillment Programs are now comprised of over 50% embroidered wearables. If this is the case for the programs you're running, why not store your goods in the same facility you have them embroidered?
You'll see a true reduction in your program costs by:
  • Letting our trained warehouse staff handle all of your orders and returns
  • Having Big Bear provide secured, climate-controlled storage space
  • Paying for personnel and labor only when needed
  • Reducing shipping costs by cutting out the middle man and shipping directly from our embroidery operation to your end customer
  • Having full access to all of your shipping information online, via Bear Trax, our online order-tracking software
Bear Trax includes inventory management and reporting features that allow our Fulfillment staff to quickly handle incoming orders and inventory inquiries and allow for immediate tracking of shipments that leave our facility. Our volume-based pricing structure enables our customers to budget for fluctuations in volume and means you'll never have to pay for storage space that you're not using. Because Bear Trax handles all aspects of the production and fulfillment processes, up-to-date information about your goods and orders is always available via our online reporting tools.
Blank goods can be stored in our warehouse, pulled for decoration (embroidery, tackle twill, or screen-printing) and re-received into your fulfillment program for eventual shipment to your end customer. 
The Fulfillment Order Process - Fulfillment inventory is initially and secondarily received when it arrives at Big Bear. This two-step process ensures our counts are correct before we record your item numbers, goods descriptions, quantities, weights, and warehouse locations in Bear Trax. When you place a pick, pack, and ship order Bear Trax generates a two-part pick ticket that includes item numbers, colors and sizes (if applicable), warehouse locations, and shipping information. All orders are picked, validated by a different employee, and packed for shipment. Shipping information is captured by Bear Trax and fed to your chosen shipping provider's computer system to produce a shipping label.
International Shipments are second nature to our shipping staff. We employ extensively trained and experienced staff who have the know-how to handle the most demanding international shipments and complicated drop ship orders. We're well-versed in filling out the necessary customs, duties, and tax forms and will work with you to ensure packages arrive at their final destinations when needed, whether you're shipping to Philadelphia or the Philippines!
Our knowledgeable staff is able to work with multiple shipping providers including UPS, FedEx, and many local, national, and international freight carriers.
Returns - One of the most important aspects of the fulfillment process is the accurate and timely handling of returns. When a return shipment is received at Big Bear, Bear Trax assigns a control number to the goods, ensuring that all the necessary information is recorded from the shipment and the return is processed appropriately within your program. 
Bear Trax also has the ability to work with Return Merchandise Authorization (RA or RMA) numbers provided by your blank or hard goods vendors.
Special Projects and Supplies - Big Bear has labor and supplies available at reasonable hourly rates to complete special projects for our fulfillment customers. We are ready and able to assist you with:
  • Custom mailings
  • Gift bag or special presentation packaging
  • Out of scope "pick and pack" or kitting projects
  • Re-packing of merchandise