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Big Bear is happy to offer Tackle Twill and Appliqué services to our customers!

Tackle Twill is the preferred method of decoration and embellishment for professional, amateur, and school-level sports uniforms and jerseys. Your favorite athletes all wear tackle twill on the field, court, or ice at every game. In fact, Big Bear makes the jerseys worn by Buffalo's own NHL team, The Sabres!

Tackle twill involves cutting letters, numbers, and shapes out of a large piece of material (usually a poly twill but felt, satin, and wool are frequently used as well). Once cut, these pieces are then individually attached to a garment using zigzag stitches.  The process is similar to appliqué and, because tackle twill designs frequently allow for a combination of both fabric and embroidery, they can be incredibly intricate and attractive. Big Bear can even digitize and sew 3-D tackle twill logos for those looking to make a truly original statement!

While sports teams are the obvious customer-base for tackle twill projects, our corporate customers definitely shouldn't overlook this exciting decoration method. Because there's a lower stitch count involved in the process, appliqué is actually a great choice for convention and conference materials like banners, tablecloths, blankets, and other large-scale decoration projects that might become too costly if embroidered. And don't forget your company's softball team. This year, consider outfitting your roster in style! Big Bear can help you incorporate your company name and logo into a player jersey that will really stand out on the field!

If you'd like to learn more about Appliqué or Tackle Twill, please contact our friendly sales team.